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Heavy on Women of Color

After years of working in project management for the corporate world, Lauren found herself longing for a way to use her strongest traits— creativity, organizational acumen, and communication skills- in a more impactful way. As a minority in an interracial marriage, and with a burning desire to serve the underrepresented in an industry where plus-size Black brides weren’t celebrated on magazine covers, Lauren launched Lauren O and Co., an event planning company in Hartford, Connecticut, in 2013—and saw growing success with her work featured in industry-leading publications like Martha Stewart Weddings.

With a decade of wedding planning experience, Lauren is best known for her “tell it like it is” approach to weddings and business. She is a trusted industry expert on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and Boundaries in Business. She has had the honor of being an educator for Refine for Wedding Planners, a WeddingPro Mentor, and a guest on the “Ask the Planner” podcast. Lauren also launched a podcast of her own, “Heavy on Women of Color,” to further the platform available for minorities within the industry.

A cupcake connoisseur, leopard print lover, and wife to Sean, and Mom to Evan and Maia, Lauren spends her time binge-watching TV with Sean, binge-watching reality TV without Sean, and cheering her kids on as they play sports. 

Professional Bio for Lauren O’Brien

How learning to show up as your authentic self benefits your business—and your bottom line—powerfully

Working in the wedding industry as a Black female creative without losing sight of yourself and your values

The importance of representation and allyship—and how your business can avoid performative activism

How learned traits, toxic habits, and the shady conditioning we’ve been subjected to in our personal lives translate into setbacks in our professional lives

Overcoming the fears, dilemmas, and struggles we share as Black female entrepreneurs through the power of sisterhood and candid conversation

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